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Individual services are scalable based on company or office needs. Please contact us to inquire about any services we can provide.

What is Archangel Security Consulting?

Archangel works within existing frameworks and critical infrastructure of schools and other facilities to strengthen resilience to disasters and threats by implementing security protocols and actively managing physical security measures. Archangel works in coordination with Perrotta Consulting to provide the both halves of a comprehensive security solution. Perrotta Consulting provides the school with an initial emergency planning and training program that identifies areas of improvement and on call support services. Archangel implements these security solutions and provides staff to conduct the day to day security duties to safeguard your facility and the students and teachers who attend each day. All supervisory staff are retired law enforcement officers and all building staff have either law enforcement or professional security backgrounds.

-Identify points of vulnerabilities in emergency plans.
- Improve protocol and implementation of all plans for staff and students.
- Increase the resiliency and level of general preparedness of the facility and staff.
- Provide protocols for and training of drills with after action reports.
- Meet all state mandated criteria for school emergency preparedness.
- Strengthen collaboration with local law enforcement agencies.
- Maintain confidence of all stakeholders in the school’s ability to prepare for, mitigate, manage, and recover from a crisis.

Standard Services Offered

1. 24/7 consulting available with emergency management experts and former or active duty law enforcement officers.

2. Bi-yearly staff training days on implementation of security protocols with professional school resource officers and crisis management experts.

3. Walkthrough of all school facilities to assess implementation of new measures, assess and identify vulnerabilities, and coordinate with administrators on safety and security issues.

4. Project management of security and crisis development projects.

5. Link into chain of command for all emergency situations and development of crisis communication plan.

6. Evaluations and debriefings of lockdown and evacuation drills.


7. Development and updates of emergency plans.


8. Grant proposals to obtain reimbursement for portions of security expenses at the local, state and federal levels of government.


9. Assembly with parents and school resource officers upon request.


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Perrotta Consulting LLC is a licensed and insured threat mitigation and emergency operation planning company based on structures and plans associated with the Department of Homeland Security's National Disaster Response Framework.

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